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...there are some herbs that can help

What I have been learning is that to regain health, because to me this is a journey to strength, we have to think about feeding our bodies the highest nutrition possible, but we also have to move.

Holly repeated, "You have to walk. It is the only way to keep the lymph moving."

She is correct. The rhythmic moving helps pulse the fluids through our bodies.

But because I am an herbalist, I know there are some herbs that can help, too! I called in my allies.....

First to mind is calendula, [Calendula officinalis]. Calendula is a bitter tonic. Bitters improve digestion. Put a bitter in your mouth. Notice what happens...salivation, the mucosa comes to life. This generally happens the length of the digestive tract. But also pay attention to tonics. Tonics tone tissue.

As soon as I notice swollen glands, I recommend calendula. (Because I usually have some!) Put dried flowers in a tea or into soup. Add fresh flowers to salads or sandwiches. Use calendula oil to massage lymph glands.

Calendula feels like the dry warmth of summer sun.

I also think - chickweed, [Stellaria media]. Chickweed greens are great fresh, but dry them for winter teas or soups. This herb is famous for containing saponaria, soap, and for cleansing the cells. I think of it for edema, swollen tissue, and especially for swollen lymph glands.

And I think of cleavers, [Galium aparine]. It is in the bedstraw family, and it is the low grower who gets your attention by sticking to your clothes, to your skin. In fact whenever I see a bedstraw, I reach down and stroke my hand along it, to see if it is cleavers. If it clings, I put a leaf in my mouth.

These herbs are among those known as blood purifiers in older herbals. And herbs don't work on one system or organ. What affects any part of the body affects the whole.

So walk. Use a rebounder. Get your lymph moving, and consider using some nutritious, tonic allies to assist your healing.

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