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I think I need some recipes....

My dear friend Holly came to visit me a short time ago. We talked a lot about health and nutrition and balance and the past and our kids and dreams and wishes...we talked a lot.

But here we are focusing on health and nutrition.

My diet needs to change. As do specific aspects of my lifestyle.

We talked a lot about adrenal exhaustion. And adrenals need fat to heal. We live in a culture that fears fat. We don't want to be fat people, and so we avoid fat.

There may be a breach of logic there. I am learning that sugar is the true culprit. And unfortunately, I am addicted to sugar.

So, while Holly was here, we went grocery shopping. We shopped for a very long time. We stopped to read every single label. If a product had any sugar at all - it went back on the shelf.

I raised my children on honey, not sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. So I was very aware of all the sugar hidden in our foods. And I was already leaning away from anything processed. Even so, we found sugar everywhere. We only found one salad dressing with no sugar - Marie Callender's Chunky Blue Cheese.

I searched a little more after Holly left - no success.

I think I need some recipes.

And then, shopping with Holly meant looking for fat. We would pick up a product, read the label, and Holly would shake her head and say, "No. Not enough fat."

I have never had anyone say that before. It was a little surreal.

So, we came home with lots of greens, lots of veggies, and avocados.

I love avocados, but they are not local. I have often thought that if the world crashed, and I had to eat local, seasonal, organic foods, I would be fine - except for avocado and pomegranate. So an excuse to eat avocados is nice...

Shopping was fun and educational. We would just stop in the middle of an aisle while I asked questions, and Holly offered a spontaneous lesson. With deep, grounded answers.

She knows her stuff.

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