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This is gonna be FUN!!

I have known Holly for 28 years, now. When we met, it seemed like we would be good friends for a long time. Sometimes there is a connection. And I was right! For as long as I have known her, Holly has been researching - everything - but especially health and nutrition. She is never satisfied with superficial explanations. She wants to know why. And once she understands why, she goes deeper. What is the relationship, or the interconnectedness with other aspects of metabolism, digestion, health?

We used to live near each other, and see each other a lot.

Now she lives about a 14-hours drive away. We don't see each other very often. We keep up by phone and social media occasionally. But when we do have time to talk, the bond is there.

And her deep desire to understand why has only gotten more intricate.

So, I had not seen Holly, in person, for quite a few years. Last fall she stayed with me for a short visit.

And she was radiant.

She had lost about 50 lbs., but even more - her skin was smooth and taut and glowing. Her smile was authentically gorgeous.

Okay, so I am in. whatever it is she is doing, I will try.

Holly is allowing me to use her space to follow and share my journey....Let's see what happens...

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