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10 ways to live a healthier life

10 ways to live a healthier life PART ONE



...... the actual feelings of appreciation, humility and love.

Even if the lesson is hard. Love the pain, love the lesson, love the journey.

{Here's the secret in the sauce.... the biochemical byproduct from those 'feelings' are capable of rebalancing the mind and body}

When I went thru an intense period of struggle in my life, i was angry all the time.

Angry thoughts dominated my day.... My liver got very upset [enlarged/painful] and my health declined rapidly.

One day i read a bit about how the brain cannot process +/- at the same time.

All that was involved was a simple exercise of a deep breath to help let go of the angry thought and replace this toxic thought with something you can hold in mind to truly feel gratitude for.

Even if it seems a rather goofy thought and a silly thing to be grateful for {in your self judging opinion}, try it .

The instructions urged courage and curiosity The processor holds positive or negative, but only one at a time..... you decide the program.

I tried it..... it took a few times before i got in the habit, but the feeling of peace and relaxation was so striking I couldn't get discouraged.

I highly recommend experiencing a Practice of Gratitude when you wake up in the morning. Stretch and feel the Bliss.....Its a great way to start your day on a happy note!

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