All that is gold does not glitter;

  Not all who wander are lost;

  The old that is strong does not wither;        Deep roots are not reached by the frost. 

               J.R.R. Tolkien

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             ~My Journey to health [-coach]

I never thought I would be a coach but  I have learned such helpful information that really changed my quality of life, I couldn't keep from sharing the joy of feeling better.


I have, to this point, overcome many 'irritations'.... Weak knees and heavy legs while climbing; uncertain and wobbly knees when I went down.  Cracking and creaking. Swollen, Sore feet in the morning and aching legs and burning feet at night, bladder weakness, severe baby blues, mystery food sensitivities, colic, insomnia, hyper children, yeast and alcohol imbalance, skin tags, ugly attitudes, sweet/junk addiction. Hungry that just would not stop. Anxiety, Hormonal Acne, Eczema, rough/bumpy skin, splitting nails, under eye 'suitcases', food poisoning, cracked heels, sleep problems, muscle wasting, hair thinning, insane PMS that kept my daughter from school at least 10 to 15 days every month, severe change of life depression, reversing varicose veins, banishing adrenal weaknesses and dropped 80 lb without sweating or starving. And that's just the 'short list'! 


 You would be surprised how much you can change if you just get started. :) 

 I am a GNM Consultant.

I hold a Bachelor in Communications,  Associate  of Art in General Studies,   Associate of Science in Math. 
 Additionally, I am a Certified   Glyconutrient Educator,  

 A Chakra Breathing Guide,

 Ordained by the Universal Life church,    

 an IIN Certified Health Coach,

Trained in EFT [tapping] Instruction,

and GNM [german new medicine] principles.  

I am honored to share my expertise in helping you support your own personal health and wellbeing.



 For over 6 years I owned and operated a boutique nutrient shop in upstate NY serving natural product enthusiasts, health seekers and allergy sufferers, new mothers and babies. 

In the midst of all that, I added in my own three home-birthed and breast fed crew.  They were my 'canary in the coal mine' with incredible and over the top reactions to normal everyday experiences.  Getting to the bottom of the challenge became The Drive behind my immersion in the unique health patterns of humans.  

 After I researched and resolved all those mystery illnesses, I certified as a health coach thru IIN, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in 2012. 

In early 2019 I added study in  German New Medicine [GNM] to my 'toolbox'.


 I offer a special focus in Life Style Re-Assessments.  Also, I can help with  chronic weight struggles, low energy, worry, sadness, pain. 

But, don't hesitate to ask me about your other challenges, I just might have some experience that could help there too.  

This Life Affirming Guidance is shared through simple and easy daily practices to improve personal vitality. 



Holly Murry, B.A., C.H.C.